Betta Fish Bubble Nests

Posted By: Matt Allen

betta fish bubble nest closeup

Has your male Betta fish ever blown a bubble nest? That can be a good sign that he is healthy and happy. Betta splendens, the common Betta, breed using a bubble nest that the male blows at the surface of the water. After the male fertilizes the egg, he scoops it up into his mouth and gently places the egg into the bubble nest.  The male Betta maintains and guards the nest until the egg hatches, and the fry becomes free-swimming.  Interestingly, many other Betta species reproduce using a mouth-brooding strategy. After the pair spawns, the male Betta holds the eggs in his mouth to protect them. He continues to hold the developing fry until they are free-swimming and large enough to be released. In some species the female Betta will even protect the male and help defend him from predators while his mouth is full!

betta fish bubble nest