Elegant but Simple Design

IFALOS™ was born from the need of something different that the aquarium industry had never before offered, a new philosophy for interior design by showcasing a unique furniture piece. This was made possible by company’s 40 years’ history in the craft of furniture manufacturing.


A Lifetime of Enjoyment

IFALOS™ uses the finest materials to construct these masterful works of art.  Italian laminates on the inside and out and with a marine grade ply core insures that these aquariums will look amazing for years to come.  All access doors employ stainless steel hardware and adjustable hinges.  Quality inside and out!


Keeping it Clean

IFALOS™ furniture is thoughtfully designed to keep support equipment, electrical cords and lighting hidden to keep the focus on the beauty of what is being displayed in the aquarium.  The simple lines of the furniture make access doors almost disappear.  The inside of the furniture has electrical cord and tubbing chases built-in for simple routing.




IFALOS presents the Keros.  The Keros is the smallest design in the IFALOS line but is ideal of any room.  This simple and elegant design will be a true focal point in your living space.  The LED lighting is elevated about the 17 gallon aquarium which really make the water sparkle and the aquarium life shine.   See the true colors of your fish, plants and corals through the ultra clear, low iron glass.  All glass panels are miter polished and are seamed with black seal silicon.

The cabinet’s functional design is perfect for housing filtration and your aquarium accessories. Built by true furniture craftsmen, the attention to detail in construction is second to none.  All cabinets are made with marine grade plywood and are lined inside and out with Italian laminates.  The furniture also features 45 degree angle cuts, stainless steel hinges and hardware.

These aquariums are true works of art and are the perfect blend of invention, passion and modernity.

Product Information
Furniture Size 19.7″ x 19.7″ x 72.4″ inch
Aquarium Dimension 15.7″ x 15.7″ x 16.5″
Water Volume 17 Gallons
The furniture grade aquarium cabinet is made with 0.6″ marine plywood lined inside and out with 0.27″ Italian laminates, plus 45° cuts and stainless steel hinges
Standard laminate: Zebrano
Special order laminate: Sand Zebrano
Available in special order colors white, black, red, beige or grey
The aquarium is made with 0.4″ extra clear, low iron glass and comes with bulkhead fittings and flexible hose fittings
Lighting: 3 x 15 watt LED aquarium bulb 6 white & 6 blue
The product ships in a protective wooden crate (total volume of packaging 23.3 ft cubed)
Sump version: 0.32″ glass thickness, 7 gal sump pre filter sock. 4.2 gal water reservoir. Hoses included