Innovating with function

Elive is a provider of innovative and stylish pet products for cats, dogs and aquatics that create successful and fulfilling experiences for pet owners and hobbyists of all skill levels. We know you take great pride and pleasure in creating fun and exciting homes for your pets while providing them with products they love. Our products are designed to embrace and cultivate that passion, enabling you to get further enjoyment from a long-term hobby with pet products that set the bar in design, ease of use and maintenance.

Building confidence

We believe you deserve the confidence that your product will perform and provide the best home or experience possible for your pets. We diligently test every product we produce with extensive evaluation procedures, ensuring the product is not only functional, but will result in a more successful and enjoyable pet and pet owner relationship. Our independent testing facility puts each of our products through rigorous testing before we bring them to market.

Changing perceptions

We want to change the way you think about pet care and maintenance, with products that inspire, facilitate and captivate, improving the style, performance and functionality of your pet’s care and environment. Whether you own dogs, cats or aquatic pets, our products streamline and simplify their care, with more efficient, better performing products that make it easier for you and better for them.

We’re hobbyists too

The true difference in our products comes from our passion as pet enthusiasts. We understand the issues and struggles faced by fellow pet owners and take care to address them in our products. Our passion for innovation and performance is driven by our personal attachment to our pets, inspiring us to create products that strengthen the bond between you and your pets.

Not just manufacturing—designing

Beyond just manufacturing, we’re designers. We think beyond performance, specializing in crafting and refining pet products that enhance your home and make pet care more enjoyable.