Plants for Betta Fish Aquariums

Posted By: Matt Allen

plant in a betta fish aquarium

Betta fish + aquatic plant = a happy fish!  Improved water quality, increased dissolved oxygen and reduced maintenance are just a few benefits of adding a plant to your Betta bowl or aquarium.  A terrestrial plant, like Lucky Bamboo, when placed in your Betta’s home will root in days, begin growing and will start working it’s magic by improving the water your fish lives in.

Dissolved fish waste (nitrate) in your aquarium can be removed by changing water, filtration or naturally by a plant. Many small bowls are not large enough for filters, and let’s face it ,we don’t always keep up on water changes like we should.  The plant’s roots take up nitrate as food and remove it from the water.  The plant becomes a natural filter in your bowl.  In fact one shoot of lucky bamboo in a half gallon bowl will almost remove all of the nitrates your fish produces.  This doesn’t mean that water changes are still not necessary, but it does make the water that they swim in is cleaner and better for them.

Adding a plant not only will make your fish happier and healthier it will also make your bowl look beautiful.  Have questions about our products, adding a plant to your Betta bowl or just basic questions on plants for betta fish?  Email us at!